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I work with Nothing Proprietary, a digital marketing agency that targets customers globally. The company offers services in search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and technical SEO. It uses the principles of applied psychology to help customers meet their missions. According to Bhandari and Bansal (2018), search engines are proper instruments that most people use. As a result, many organizations incorporate search engines in their operations, which is where Nothing Propriety becomes handy. Nothing Propriety helps organizations optimize their search engines and attract customers and meet their expectations. Cushman (2018) affirms that SEO is common in marketing because it increases productivity. Therefore, it is helpful to invest in SEO services.

The company helps organizations to study human behavior and look for the keywords they use when searching online. As a result, organizations prepare documents with the essential keywords that make the targeted populations land on a company page. More key words lead the reader to decide to keep reading. Finally, the readers can find information that turns them into buyers, and this how applied psychology works.

I am in the MBA program to increase my knowledge and skills to become an effective leader and manager in the digital world. Many things are changing at an unprecedented rate, and it is through learning, an individual can catch up with them. The MBA program will equip me with the relevant skills in human resource management in the digital era.

This is the course that will help me understand the value and use of applied psychology. I expect to learn applied psychology principles that I will apply in my career. Moreover, I hope to know how psychology plays a role in nurturing and retaining talents in an organization.

Finally, I hope to learn about applied psychology and how organizations use it to make the wisest decision regarding human resource management. I will also learn about the definition of the term applied management and talent management. Additionally, I will learn how these concepts affect marketing.




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Bhandari, R. S., & Bansal, A. (2018). Impact of search engine optimization as a marketing tool. Jindal Journal of Business Research7(1), 23–36.



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