Psychology Week Six Discussion

The last chapters covered some of the ways that social pressure influences our actions. This weeks discussion post will be an extension of your Try This! Assignment. We are all prone to behavioral changes through compliance, obedience, or persuasive principles. We follow the rules of our society (both legally enforceable ones as well as those that are just informally polite), sometimes with little awareness of why we do what we do. But once in a while, something odd happens, and we accidentally break the rules.

For this discussion, I want you to take it further and think about a time when you witnessed someone break an implicit norm. PLEASE REMEMBER IMPLICIT NORMS ARE NOT ILLEGAL, they are UNWRITTEN RULES. Reflect on what implicit norm you saw violated and how it made you feel. What did you learn about yourself? Name at least one concept weve discussed so far in the course that you can apply to how you explained this persons behavior or how it made you fee

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