Qualitative Techniques

The most common research technique for researchers is qualitative data such as document analysis, participant observations, and interviews. However, it is not generally the case that researchers will find adequate information while using qualitative research techniques, particularly when examining scholarly research. One alternative research technique that students can utilize is quantitative analysis because it is based on popular methods such as questionnaires and statistical records analysis. The advantage of using quantitative research techniques is that data is ‘objectively’ measured in numbers and analyzed through statistical analysis and numerical comparisons (Noyes et al., 2019). The research data students obtain using quantitative analysis is deemed more ‘scientific’ and more objective than conclusions drawn from qualitative data.

Another research technique students can adopt is using different databases to widen their search. For instance, research databases such as PubMed, JSTOR, and Science Direct have distinct scholarly articles that could contain the information the student is searching for. While using these databases, students should use a variety of search terms to widen their scope of research and hopefully find something useful. Students can also try searching for information in government databases because they often contain objective information. Also, learners can choose to use the case study research technique to conduct an in-depth study of the research topic.

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