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Unit 5 DQ: Leavening

Complete Experiment 1 “Fizz Whizz Soda Pop Reaction” in the Edible Chemistry Kit. Submit to your instructor a photo of yourself with your completed experiment. Choose a recipe from chapters 16-17 of the Duryea textbook. State the name of the recipe and leavening methods used. Explain whether they are physical or chemical, and predict their effects on the dough or batter being made based on what you saw in the “Fizz Whiz” experiment. Based on what you tasted in the “Fizz Whiz” experiment, how do you think they will affect taste, flavor, appearance and texture (see terms below for ideas)? Be sure to support your predictions with evidence from your experiment. Note that each student should choose a different recipe to discuss.

Terns for evaluating the appearance, taste, flavor, and texture of food samples:

Appearance: pale, burnt, rounded, pebbled, curdled, light brown, dark brown, transparent, opaque, dull, shiny, glossy, dry, smooth, rough, grainy, fizzy

Taste: sweet, salty, sour, bitter

Flavor: peppery, astringent, spicy, minty, eggy, fatty, rancid, metallic, nutty, fruity, soapy, floury, pungent, puckery, flowery, stale, pasty, musky, tangy, sharp

Texture: adhesive, cohesive, chewy, hard, tender, dense, crispy, brittle, smooth, firm, viscous, gummy, gritty, springy, pasty, rubbery, tough, flaky, mealy, rough, crackly, crusty, limp, creamy

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