Strengthsfinder Assessment

Strengthsfinder Assessment





Strengths Finder Assessment

The Clifton StrengthFinder is an essential tool because it helps individuals be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. According to Comer, Schweiger, and Shelton (2019), StrengthFinder helps individuals develop strengths that can help them in their professions. This paper discusses my StrengthFinder results.

Description of the Results

StrengthFinder is an essential tool that reveals different themes that an individual possesses. I carried out the survey and obtained five themes that are associated with my personality. The themes include relator, responsibility, activator, restorative, and belief. Relators are individual that values relationships in their lives. The responsibility theme describes individuals who are talented in keeping their commitments regarding what they say. The activator theme describes individuals who strive and ensure that they have turned thoughts into actions. The restorative theme is used to describe individuals who enjoy dealing with and solving problems in their lives. Finally, belief is a theme that best describes individuals with unchanging values. Therefore, these themes best describe my personality and reveal my strengths and weakness.

Description of Core Values

The theme of responsibility reveals that I possess the values of honesty and loyalty. Honesty is one of the values that maintain relationships because people can trust each other. Besides, honesty is the foundation of ethics because it is a virtue that looks at the other individuals in a community. Honesty individuals tend to choose actions that promote the common good in a community so that others can benefit. Honesty is a virtue that enables an individual to handle the situation as it is without hiding anything.

Additionally, loyalty is another essential core value that describes my life. Loyalty is associated with commitment and shared values with other individuals in society. I love sharing with individuals who have the same mindset because that helps us to change thoughts into action. As a result, this core value attracts many people into my inner circle because they can trust me regarding what I say. They also know that I am a committed person who keeps his word always. Therefore, honesty and loyalty are the two core values that best describe my life and contribute to my strengths.

Description of the Strengths

Further, the results pointed out the essential strengths that I possess. Every theme is associated with strengths that allow me to excel in that field. For example, the relator theme points out that I admit my shortcomings when I notice them and ensure that I am honest. I do not pretend when dealing with others. Instead, I speak frankly regarding any issue in a relationship without hiding or pretending. As a result, I strive to give my best in a relationship or when working with team members. Additionally, I am a reliable and dependable person because these are the strengths that make me responsible. People look to my help because I struggle to do things better and more completely than my colleagues. Besides, I am motivated when I help other individuals learn how to do things better to achieve their goals. Therefore, these are some of the strengths that best describe my life.

Description of the Characteristics that I will strengthen

Apart from the strengths discussed above, I have some characteristics that I should work on and improve. For example, I should improve on the rivalries that set-up between others. The rivalries make me take charge of most of the things that I do. As a result, it makes me see others as followers in most cases. I do not feel happy when I become a follower. I feel I should take over leadership and control a group because I am better than them. I should improve on this because it inhibits me from learning from others. Also, the belief theme reveals that I have some unchanging core values. I remain adamant about some changes, and I should work on this because the world is a global village.

In conclusion, the results show that my life’s dominant themes include relator, responsibility, activator, restorative, and belief. The two dominant core values that best describe me are honesty and loyalty. Some of my life’s strengths include admitting shortcomings, speaking frankly regarding issues, reliable, and dependable. Finally, I should improve on rivalries that I set between others and overcome the unchanging beliefs.




Comer, R. D., Schweiger, T. A., & Shelton, P. (2019). Impact of students’ strengths, critical thinking skills, and disposition on academic success in the first year of a PharmD program. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 83(1).



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