The Application of WH Framework

The Application of WH Framework





The Application of WH Framework

L’Oreal Stakeholders Ethical Obligations when Making Decisions
Shareholders Maintaining professionalism in every department and ensuring that all employees and customers are treated well.
Managers The managers should offer proper training to their team members because that contributes to performance.
Employees The employees should understand the company policies and carry out activities that help them to achieve their targets.
Customers The customers should present their needs and base them on ethical grounds that an organization can meet because they care for others, such as the employees and shareholders.
Community The company should determine how its actions affect the community members.
Future Generations Ethical decisions consider the impact the current activities will have on future generations.


Stakeholders Trzaska and Management Cater to

The customers are the critical stakeholders that Trzaska and management cater to because they buy products from the company. Their demands and interests make the company develop different approaches to carrying out business (Kubasek, Browne, Herron, Dhooge, & Barkacs, 2020). Therefore, they are at the center of every ethical decision regarding the company.

Values the Management Used to Fire Trzaska

The managers used security and efficiency values when deciding to fire Trzaska from the company. Security value reveals that the company was determined to produce enough products to meet the growing demands. The company was also determined to ensure that it was safe from those who could interfere with its business. Additionally, the efficiency values reveal that the company managers were determined to maximize their profits while minimizing costs. As a result, they did not value quality aspects in their decisions. Trzaska insisted on quality, and this brought him into conflict with the company. Therefore, he was fired because he did not deliver what he was told.


The WH framework provided essential elements that I used in analyzing the case study. It guided me to determine the stakeholders of the organization and how every decision could affect them. Also, the WH framework directed me to the values that must be included when making ethical decisions.

The WH framework is an essential tool for managers. It helps them to determine all the stakeholders of an organization and how an action in one department could affect them. It also provides the managers with the golden rules that must be followed when making decisions.

The WH framework will help me to make many decisions as a manager. For example, the WH Framework will help me decide how a company should meet customers’ and community members’ needs. It will also assist me in determining employees’ issues such as rewards and terminations.




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